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03 Dec 2003
IOC News

Badminton: first list for Athens

Just over halfway through the year-long Olympic Qualifying Period, the International Badminton Federation has published its first list of players who could be selected for the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad taking place in Athens in August 2004.

China, Denmark, Korea and Japan
By the end of November, China (13), Denmark (12), Korea (11) and Japan (10) had the highest number of players qualified. So far, 29 players have qualified for the men's and women's singles and 19 teams for the doubles categories (men, women and mixed).

No full complement
As things stand today, no Olympic Committee (NOC) will be sending a full complement of three entries per discipline. The host NOC (Greece) is entitled to have two players at the Olympic badminton competition.

Mixed doubles champions defend their title
At present, only mixed doubles champions Zhang Jun and Gao Ling have the opportunity to defend their gold medal from the Sydney Games. All the others still have to qualify or have retired since.

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