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17 Nov 2005
IOC News

Awarding of the 9th Panathlon International Golden Torch Prizes

Panathlon International has awarded its Golden Torch Prizes to Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, former President of the Organising Committee for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games; Sergey Bubka, IOC Executive Board member and Chairman of the IOC Athletes’ Commission; and Bruno Grandi, President of the International Gymnastics Federation. The IOC was represented at the ceremony in Rome by its Vice-President, Lambis V. Nikolaou.
Commitment to sport
The IOC Vice-President underlined the excellent choice made by Panathlon International in awarding this distinction to these personalities, “whose commitment to sport and the defence of the values and ideals is an example that we all respect with admiration”.
Examples to follow
According to Mr Nikolaou, these winners “are examples to follow for all those who want to dedicate themselves to sport and give back to sport what sport has given to them”.
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