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Atos Origin’s Challenge

Information Technology is critical to the delivery of the modern Olympic Games. There can be no re-run of the sporting event – and so the information technology systems must work first time!

As the Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games, Atos Origin faces an enormous challenge, and it begins long before the Opening Ceremony in February 2010.

Together with the Organising Committee, Atos Origin manages the IT operations for the entirety of the Games. Atos Origin designs, implements and secures the entire IT infrastructure, manages an integrated IT team of more than 2,000 IT experts from the world’s leading companies, including Atos Origin’s Olympic Games experts and the best Vancouver IT professionals.

Atos Origin also develops the IT solution for the passport-grade badges issued to all 29,900 accredited Games-time athletes, officials, coaches, media, staff and volunteers

Atos Origin has designed and built two main IT systems to run the Games: Games Management Systems and Information Diffusion Systems. The Core Games Management systems include Transportation, Medical Encounters, Accreditation IT System, Workforce Management, sports entries and athletes’
qualification – all needed to stage the Games.
The system is then used to distribute results and background information to the world through the On-Venue Results system, the Commentator Information System and INFO2010 – the Olympic Games intranet.

The entire system is controlled from a room, comparable to NASA’s Mission Control, called the Technology Operations Centre (TOC).

The TOC monitors the complex systems for security breaches, technical problems and provides advanced-level help for the IT staff and volunteers.

Following 100,000 hours of extensive testing of the overall IT solution before the Games, Atos Origin will manage a technology team estimated at 2,000 staff that will provide the technical infrastructure that will link the many Olympic venues, thus ensuring flawless execution on the world stage.

And when the Olympic flame is dowsed and the Games are completed, Atos Origin’s work carries on and the organisation has to manage the dismantling and removal of the IT infrastructure!

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