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24 Aug 2004
IOC News

Atos Origin: Delivering Results Faster Than Ever

Atos Origin’s team of 3,400 employees and volunteers work around the clock to prepare for and operate Athens 2004 Olympic Games. In its role as the key technology integrator, Atos Origin operates the IT systems that bring the results to the world instantaneously - in less than 0.03 seconds.

Preparing for the Games
Atos Origin’s integration experts work for three years in advance to test, evaluate, modify and integrate all the various applications so that all the technology can work together. All IT system applications were operational a full nine months before the opening of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, allowing ample time to perform extensive live testing to minimise risk and cost.

Integrating the Games
Atos Origin is the Worldwide Olympic Partner for Information Technology (IT) and the primary systems integrator of the Olympic Games. The scope of this endeavour includes the design, development, testing and deployment of all the software applications relevant to managing Olympic Games operations and delivering information about the Games, the athletes and the events.

Leading the Technology Team
Atos Origin leads a consortium of other major technology companies supplying the 10,500 computing devices, 1,000 servers, 23,000 phones, 2,500 Intranet terminals, 13,000 mobile phones, 4,000 printers, and all the timing and scoring to run the Games.

Atos Origin’s Olympic History
Atos Origin first supported the Olympic Movement at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona as Sema. As SchlumbergerSema, the company became a Worldwide Olympic Partner when it joined the TOP programme in 2001. The company’s Olympic involvement includes leading the technology effort for the staging of the Olympic Games. Atos Origin acquired Worldwide Olympic Partner Schlumberger in January 2004.

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