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14 Aug 2014
Nanjing 2014 , YOG , IOC News

Athletes learn to Play Fair at the YOG!

Off the field of play at the Youth Olympic Games is a chance for athletes to not only celebrate with their new found friends from around the world, but also educate themselves on some of the dangers they may encounter in their sporting careers. 

In its fight against corruption in sport, the International Olympic Committee has developed several information and education tools for athletes and coaches, including the Play Fair game, which specifically targets young people at the Youth Olympic Games. An online interactive and educational programme, it teaches them about corruption, betting and competition-fixing and provides tips on how to safeguard the integrity of sport and speak out against those involved.

In Nanjing, the young athletes are invited to stop by the IOC’s “Play Fair” booth to participate in the “Play Fair” game and take part in short, play-based educational workshops with Athlete Role Models, which will enable them to participate in ethically challenging situations and experiment with different actions and outcomes.

You can also play your part and contribute to the fight for clean competitions. Have a look at this poster to learn what to do in one glance: Click here for the four Do's to protect your sport!

For more information on the risks of cheating and betting, visit:

Do your best. Protect your sport. Play Fair!

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