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12 Aug 2014
IOC News , YOG

Athletes learn about safe sport at the Youth Olympic Games

With athletes’ health and safety a top priority at the International Olympic Committee (IOC), at this summer’s Youth Olympic Games, athletes and coaches are invited to stop by the ‘Safe Sport’ booth in the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Village to learn more about how to prevent sexual harassment and abuse which can occur in all levels of sport, from amateur to professional, with young athletes often being the most vulnerable.

Available for everyone on, the educational tools developed by the IOC in time for this month’s YOG include several interactive video clips, which, using fictional athletes’ stories, present the different dimensions of sexual harassment and abuse in sport.

You can also watch the video clips and find relevant information online at:

Protect your sport and stand up against sexual harassment and abuse in sport!

Tags IOC News , YOG
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