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01 Oct 2009
IOC News , Olympic Congress 2009

Athletes' health: the priority

“Protecting the health of the athletes is a top priority for the Medical Commission of the IOC”, says Professor Arne Ljungqvist Chairman of the Commission. The Commission has worked over the years on several studies which are summarised in a series of valuable papers, spanning nutritional supplements, healthy lifestyle, female athlete triad, sex changes. “However we have to do more”, says the Chairman of the Commission, a point of view that is also shared by the athletes. Jessica Lindell Vikarby, who crashed during training for the downhill race at the Ski World Championships last February in Val d’Isère, stresses that research to prevent injuries is essential for the well-being of athletes, enabling specialised medical centres to act appropriately. The IOC’s Medical Commission is in charge of providing this knowledge, evaluating and disseminating it. The athletes are true professionals and they need this professional support”, concludes Arne Ljungqvist. “Health protection in training and competition” is one of the 15 sub-themes that will be debated at the XIII Olympic Congress that takes place in Copenhagen between 3 – 5 October.

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Video: Lindel Vikarby/ health video (AFP)

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