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27 Feb 2010
IOC News

Athlete takes his turn with the microphone

While many athletes are answering questions from the media, two-time Olympic medallist Alex Despatie is taking his turn asking the questions. The 24-year-old diver traded his swim suit for a microphone to play the role of the interviewer for Canada's French sports station RDS during his time at the Vancouver Games.

“It's very weird I have to say to be on the [interviewers] side, but it’s been great - I've really enjoyed every moment of this experience,” Despatie said.

Despatie was asked by the station to take on the role for the Difference Makers programme, which features 17 Olympians from Quebec, and explores how they got to where they are and the people who helped them get there.

“I like to bring to people something that they don't know,” Despatie said about his interview style. “To ask the question that sometimes that has nothing to do with the performance because it's been overdone... it's a good challenge.”

Despatie’s schedule now consists of him training in the morning and then working in the afternoon until the evening.

“But what I’ve really enjoyed too is the crew, the people I work with are great and fun. I've made a lot of new friends,” Despatie said.

Despatie said the Olympic Games give athletes a chance to create new friendships, and he advises the young athletes going into the Youth Olympic Games to take the chance to make new friends and to learn from one another.

By Kimiya Shokoohi, YOG reporter

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