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07 Sep 2010

Athlete question time with Judith Sievers!

When she wasn’t winning the gold medal in the girls’ single sculls for Germany, Judith Sievers took some time out to answer a few questions! Here’s what she has to say.

Q. How much have you enjoyed the Youth Olympic Games?
A. It was really a great experience for me because I was able to meet athletes from all over the world. It was really interesting living in the village because you learn so much about different sports and different countries and cultures – it was great.

Q. How different is the Youth Olympic Games to other championships that you've competed in?
The focus isn't so much on the sports – it's on having fun together and meeting new people. I like that element and I think it's important.

Q. How important to you was it to win the gold medal?
It's really important for me because winning the first rowing medal at the Youth Olympic Games is something people will remember. In ten years, they can say, “That's her – she won the gold medal at the first ever Youth Olympic Games.”

Q. Do you think this experience will help prepare you for future championships?
Yes, of course. I've learnt so much from this Youth Olympic Games.

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