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02 Sep 2010

Athlete question time with Casey Hammond!

On the day before winning his gold medal in boys’ hockey, we fired a few questions at Casey Hammond (second left) from Australia:

Q. How much have you enjoyed the Youth Olympic Games?
It's been awesome. Our event went over the whole two weeks, but we still managed to do some of the culture and education activities and they've been really good too.

Q. How do the Games compare to other championships you've competed in?
It's better than anything I've ever done before. Coming here, seeing all the different countries and competing against a higher level of opposition has been incredible.

Q. What's it been like meeting people from around the world?
It's really good. It's really interesting to see how other people are, what they do, what they eat. We've been trying to speak to a lot of them, but sometimes we can't really understand each other. It's really good fun though. I've made quite a few new friends – we've been swapping pins and then you get talking to them.

Q. How does it feel to represent your country?
It's awesome. It makes you feel so much bigger and stronger, just knowing that you're playing for Australia. Competing for Australia is something that doesn't happen every day.

Q. What's it been like seeing the Olympic rings everywhere and knowing that you're competing on the Olympic stage?
It's awesome. Even wearing the rings on our shirt is just something I'm so proud of.

Q. What's the reaction been like from your friends back home?
They've been keeping in touch with me on Facebook, saying well done and things like that. They're all really proud of me I think.

Q. Do you see the Youth Olympic Games as an important part of your sporting career?
Hopefully it's a stepping stone. I'm sure going to try and push on and get into the Olympic Games. It's been a real inspiration.

Q. What do you think of the concept of staging the Youth Olympic Games?
I think it's really good. It's good for young kids who may be watching to get inspired and go and try some sports and maybe push on to try and compete here themselves.

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