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22 Jan 2004
IOC News

Athens takes Olympic shape

"We look forward to seeing Athens continue to take Olympic shape," IOC Coordination Commission Chairman Denis Oswald concluded in a statement the IOC issued after the most recent progress review tour in the Greek capital.

Ongoing transformation
"It is wonderful to see so many people so hard at work all across the city. Each time I visit Athens, I am impressed by the ongoing transformation," Oswald said in his statement. "Much work remains to be done, however. The deadline of 13 August looms larger by the day. It is vital that the current completion dates be respected," he added.

Commitments from government ministers
"My colleagues and I looked carefully at construction schedules for key projects such as the roofs of the Olympic Stadium, velodrome and swimming pool at the OAKA complex, together with the tram and suburban rail system," Oswald underlined and continued: "We have received commitments from government ministers that all work will be completed in time for testing and for finishing touches before the Games begin and we look forward to seeing the end results during the coming months."

"Not affected by election campaign"
"During previous visits to Athens, both Prime Minister Costas Simitis and New Democracy leader Costas Caramanlis gave me their assurances that preparations for the Olympic Games would not be affected by the election campaign. Today, Minister of Culture Nassos Alevras and General Secretary for the Olympic Games Costas Cartalis echoed the commitment that work on Olympic projects will continue without a pause. There is no time to take our eyes off the ball: this match is far from being over," the Chairman of the Coordination Commission concluded.

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