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21 Oct 2003
IOC News

Athens Declaration

The Olympic Education Programme, developed by the Athens 2004 Organising Committee (ATHOC 2004) and the Greek Ministry of Education, has gained international recognition and interest: All 25 Member States of the European Union have signed the "Athens Declaration" to introduce the programme into European schools.

The value of Olympic principles
With the implementation of the Olympic Education Progamme, Athens 2004 and the Greek Ministry of Education have opened the way for teaching about, and promoting, the value of Olympic principles within the educational system of all European Union Member States.

1.1 million students in Greece
This educational material is already being used by 2,000 specialist teachers in 87 % of the public primary, middle and high schools in Greece, and is being introduced to 1.1 million students at public and private institutions.

The full text of the Athens Declaration is available on:

The official site of Athens 2004

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