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10 Sep 2003
IOC News

Athens 2004: thousands of volunteers

The volunteer selection process for the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens in 2004 is now underway. Interest is extremely high, with 109,000 individual applications received, and the Athens Organising Committee (ATHOC) is striving to use all the candidates’ talents and skills in the most effective way. For this reason, each volunteer is going to be interviewed.

Greek language skills required
The main requirements for volunteers are language skills: Greek and a second or (even better) a third language are mandatory. The age limit is fixed at 18. Any professional skills are also welcome.

70,000 volunteers needed
Overall, ATHOC will require the skills of 60,000 volunteers for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, not including the 10,000 volunteers needed for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Their fields of activity will be in press operations, technology, medical services, sports, welcoming visitors, security and transport as well as in the Olympic Village.

Volunteers make the Games happen
Volunteers are the people who make the Games happen, supporting every athlete, spectator and visitor. Part of the success of the Olympic Games belongs to each one of the volunteers of previous Games, such as the 47,000 volunteers at the Sydney Games.

Become a volunteer for the Athens Games in 2004 (official site of Athens 2004)

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