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08 Oct 2003
IOC News

Athens 2004 Paralympic Games tickets are now available

Tickets for the 2004 Paralympic Games taking place in Athens next year between 17 and 28 September are now available for Greeks and all citizens of the European Economic Area and the European Union. Tickets can be bought on the official ticketing website,, using a VISA card.

Three types of tickets are being made available for the Paralympic Games:

Day Tickets
These tickets do not specify a date but are validated on the day of arrival at the venue. They allow entry to any sports competition period taking place at any of the competition venues on the day on which they are validated. The price is €10, with discounts for students, senior citizens, disabled people and families.

Ceremony Tickets
These tickets allow entry to and guarantee a numbered seat in the Olympic Stadium on the evening of the Opening Ceremony (17 September 2004) or the Closing Ceremony (28 September 2004) as the case may be. The Closing Ceremony Ticket also gives general entry to any competition period and any competition venue on the day of the Closing Ceremony. The ticket prices for the Opening Ceremony are €15, 25, and 50. The ticket prices for the Closing Ceremony are €10, 20 and 30.

Reserved Seating
Reserved seating tickets will be made available for spectators wishing to book seats for the most popular competition periods of the Paralympic Games. These are numbered tickets, and the purchaser is guaranteed a seat for the competition period for which it has been issued. Details on competitions and venues with reserved seating can be found on the official website:

Official website of the IPC
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