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22 Jun 2004
IOC News

Athens 2004: Olympic torch relay, New York, Montreal, Antwerp

New York (USA): 19 June
Included among the high-profile torchbearers were Nia Vardalos, Edie Falco and Donald Trump. Athletes that ran as torchbearers included Olympians Nadia Comaneci and Sarah Hughes, as well as Stephen Marbury and Dikembe Mutombo of the New York Knicks. A total of 140 torchbearers carried the Olympic flame.

Montreal (CAN): 20 June
Host of the 1976 Olympic Summer Games, Montreal witnessed its torchbearers carry the Olympic flame throughout the city as part of the 15th leg. Montreal highlights included high-profile torchbearers like Stephane Prefontaine and landmark locations such as the Botanical Gardens, Mount Royal and the Olympic Stadium.

Antwerp (BEL): 21 June
Antwerp, Belgium, host of the 1920 Olympic Summer Games, was the 16th international visit and the first one on the European continent for the Olympic Torch Relay.

Included among the high-profile torchbearers were legendary cyclist Eddy Merckx and Olympic swimmer Frederik Deburghgrave. Also running in the relay were Olympians Pierre-Marie De Loof (rowing), Gella Vandecaveye (judo), Ulla Werbrouck (judo), Dominique Monami (tennis) and Michel Vaarten (cycling). A total of 125 torchbearers carried the Olympic flame.

Across the globe
The Olympic flame began its journey from Olympia and, after having travelled across the globe, will return to the Athens Olympic Stadium on 13 August, where it will signal the beginning of the great celebration of the 2004 Olympic Games.

78 days, 78,000 km, 3,600 torchbearers
The total journey will last some 78 days. Outside Greece the flame will travel for 35 days, covering a distance of approximately 78,000 km, 1,500 of which will be in the hands of 3,600 torchbearers. A total of 260 million people will have the opportunity to see the flame in their city.

First time in Africa and Latin America
For the first time in history the Olympic Torch Relay will bring the flame to Africa and Latin America. The flame will reach all past Olympic cities, bringing them once again the light and joy of the Olympic celebration.

Stop at the IOC and the Olympic Museum in Lausanne
It will also pass through cities with special symbolic meaning, such as Brussels, heart of the European Union, Lausanne, seat of the International Olympic Committee and Olympic Museum, and Beijing, host city of the next Games of the Olympiad.

Relay of all cultures
The Greek Olympic Torch Relay is the Relay of all cultures. The ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay embraces all cultures and all five continents symbolised by the five Olympic rings; its light will remind the world of the Olympic ideals, and make concrete concepts such as participation, fraternity and peace.

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