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25 Mar 2004
IOC Events

Athens 2004 - Olympic Programme - Changes from Sydney 2000

Discover all the changes relating to athletes quotas and sporting events on the Olympic Summer Games programme following the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.                     

Introduction of a maximum quota of athletes in Diving (136).

Water polo
Increase in the number of women's team from 6 to 8 and increase in the number of athlete quota from 234 to 260.

Total number of events reduced from 12 to 11 and athlete quota reduced from 312 to 286.

Athlete quota reduced from 350 to 330.

Athlete quota reduced from 225 to 200.

Women's sabre individual event was added and women's foil teams event was excluded.

Increase in the number of women's teams from 8 to 10 and increase in athlete quota from 432 to 468.

Increase in the quota of athletes from 12 to 16 for both trampoline events (total increase of athlete quota in Gymnastics from 304 to 312).

Athlete quota reduced from 400 to 386.

Modern pentathlon
Increase in the athlete quota in individual events from 24 to 32 for both men and women (total increase in athlete quota in Modern Pentathlon from 48 to 64).

Replacement of mixed fleet match/race keelboat (Soling) events and the two person keelboat open (Star) by a men's keelboat (Star) event and a women's keelboat (Yngling) event.

Athlete quota reduced from 410 to 390.

Athlete quota increased from 100 to 124.

Athlete quota increased from 250 to 260.

Addition of four women's wrestling events, removal of one men's Greco-Roman wrestling event and one men's freestyle wrestling event, and increase in the athlete quota from 320 to 344.

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