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19 Dec 2003
IOC News

ATHENS 2004: Launch of new website

Since 19 December 2003, the new and completely refurbished Athens 2004 Olympic Games website: is online. For the first time in the four years of its existence, the website follows the look and feel of the Athens 2004 Games.

Breakdown of information

In this new website, the breakdown of information is utilised to achieve even greater functionality and ease of use in page browsing. The use of special "Index Pages" has been adopted, where the main information of each section is presented in a comprehensive and cohesive way. Internal "advertising" is also heavily used to promote areas of the website with relative content. Important information is, as always, only two clicks away.

"Interesting facts" and "Olympic firsts"

Promotional areas are also used to inform users of various facts of general interest, for example the "Interesting facts" feature area that can be seen throughout the website, and the "Olympic Firsts" feature area, where users can be informed about all the fascinating facts that have taken place for the first time in the preparations for the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Three languages

All website information will be available in three languages: Greek, English, and French. The hourly updates, the comprehensive Athens city guide and the special areas are dedicated to young audiences.

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