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23 Sep 2004
IOC News , Marketing

ATHENS 2004: High sponsor statisfaction

International TOP and national sponsors are highly satisfied with the organisation and results of the Athens Games. Top executives of companies with a leading role in their fields congratulated ATHENS 2004 for hosting a truly successful Games and developing a pioneering sponsorship programme. Their testimonies and personal statements illustrate this satisfaction.


Covering 29 % of the Organising Committee's budget

Together with the revenues from TOP partners, the ATHENS 2004 sponsorship programme secured a total of €570 million and covered about 29% of the Organising Committee's budget, making it the second largest source of revenue after the international broadcasting rights programme (37%).



"The Coca-Cola Company is extremely satisfied with the close cooperation and productive working relationship we have experienced with our partners at the ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games. From sharing the Olympic Spirit with people around the world during the historic Olympic Torch Relay, to providing personal Olympic experiences for Greek youth and visitors at the Pin Trading Center and Coke O.N. Air, to refreshing thousands of fans at competition venues, Coca-Cola has enabled people across the globe to be part of this festive Olympic celebration", said Scott McCune, Vice-President and Director, Worldwide Sports, Entertainment and Licensing, The Coca-Cola Company.


Atos Origin

"We are very pleased with the success of the ATHENS 2004 Games and with the quality of cooperation we've enjoyed with the IOC, ATHOC and all the technology partners. The combined efforts represent an outstanding example of teamwork to deliver the largest and most meaningful gathering of sport and culture to the world", underlined Jean Chevallier, Executive Vice-President of the Atos Origin Major Events and Olympic Games Programme.



"McDonald's is extremely pleased with the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games. We commend the Athens Organising Committee and the IOC for creating a world-class event. The excitement and spirit of these Games reinforce the pride McDonald's feels as a long-time Olympic sponsor, committed to the ideals of teamwork, excellence, perseverance and living an active, balanced lifestyle. Spectators, athletes and media all enjoyed record numbers of McDonald's meals at the Games served by the McDonald's Olympic Champion Crew selected worldwide to attend the Athens Games", said Larry Light, Executive Vice-President and Global Chief Marketing Officer


"It's been a great Games. The venues have all been well received, the spirit of the Games has shone out in all the competitions and all the Kodak guests have had unforgettable experiences to carry home with them. The management of transportation has been superb and we have seen no major operational issues. The Organising Committee is to be commended", wrote Gregory Walker Director of Worldwide Sponsorship for Eastman Kodak



"The realisation of the Games has been successful. Everything ran smoothly and so did our hospitality programme, thanks to all the parties involved. As Panasonic, we would like to thank ATHOC for organising everything, and also Athens for being such a wonderful host city", underlined Ned Itani Leader, Marketing TeamSports Marketing Office.



"Samsung is delighted with the impact of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, from the venues to the events to the security and transport. The response from athletes and spectators alike has been amazing - with over 6,500 athletes and 600,000 spectators visiting the Olympic Rendezvous at Samsung, it has been a hugely successful Games for Samsung", concluded Il-Hyung Chang, Senior Vice-President and CEO, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd



"Swatch is very satisfied with the Olympic Games this year in Greece. The organisation has been very good, the atmosphere is great, and we've been very pleased with the support and professional attitude of the people here. As Official Timekeepers, we carry a lot of responsibility, so the high service levels provided by ATHOC and the City of Athens that make it possible for the Swatch team to do its job are much appreciated. The Sponsor Communications Office has also been very professional and helpful in supporting Swatch and the other Sponsors. I would like to congratulate everyone involved for their contribution to the success of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games", said Michele Sofisti,

President of Swatch.


"I believe these Olympics will go down in Greek history as a great triumph against the odds -- and the predictions of many. But this is the nation that produced Phidippides - who, as millions now know, did not run over a flat course from Marathon to Athens; and that small band of Spartans who held off the Persians at Thermopylae. Victory against the odds is a Greek tradition and we salute all those who organised the Games for their tremendous achievement", mentioned Christopher Rodrigues,

CEO and President of Visa International.

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