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26 Aug 2010

Asian sports prove popular at the World Culture Village

Kabaddi and sepak takraw are not sports you would usually expect to see at the Youth Olympic Games, but young athletes have been given the chance to have a go at these and many other traditional activities thanks to the World Culture Village, which is showcasing cultural displays from countries all over Asia.

Athletes visiting the Bangladesh booth were able to learn more about kabaddi – the country's national sport –, which is a team game involving elements of “tag” and wrestling.

Sepak takraw, meanwhile, is a traditional game played all over Southeast Asia, which resembles volleyball, except it is mainly played with your feet, rather than your hands. It is featured on several of the booths.

As well as these sports, athletes visiting the World Culture Village have also been able to find out more about the different cultures that can be found across Asia, including learning more about their traditional food, music, clothing and languages.

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