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13 Mar 2012
Innsbruck 2012

Arts Project

This project offered participants the chance to share their lifestyles through dance, music and arts. The format comprised three main elements.

Dance – The world’s universal body language supports intercultural exchange and facilitates communication. Participants were able to take part in the official YOG Dance (performed during the Opening Ceremony), as well as attending courses teaching the traditional Austrian ‘Schuhplattln’. Three times a day, athletes and team officials were invited to have fun expressing themselves through the medium of dance in an intercultural setting.

Drumming – Courses were offered twice a day, creating a communicative experience, perfect for building team spirit. Within groups of up to 50 participants, drummers could develop their own personal sense of rhythm and witness the spirit of the African djembe drum.

Arts – Every Innsbruck 2012 participant was able to contribute to the Wall of Fame arts project, which developed into a unique installation over the ten days of the Games. Participants were invited to leave their messages, emotions and positive experiences on the Wall, which was installed in the Youth Olympic Village after Games-time.

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