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19 Mar 2004
IOC News

Artistic gymnasts compete in Olympic Indoor Hall

In preparation for the Olympic Games in August, an International Gymnastics Tournament is currently under way at the Olympic Indoor Hall in OAKA, the Athens Olympic complex. The tournament, which is running from 17 to 21 March, is an artistic gymnastics competition, with 106 male and female athletes from 23 different countries.

Many different events
This sports events includes many different team and individual events. The events include trampoline, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar, floor exercises, pommel horse, rings and beam.

Thumbs-up for the venue
Several athletes gave the OAKA venue the thumbs-up after the first day of competition. Maria Apostolidi of Greece said "the venue is amazing and the conditions ideal." This was echoed by Razvan Dorin Selariu of Romania, who commented "I am impressed by the venue and by the event as a whole." Elena Gomez of Spain said "The competition conditions are excellent and satisfy the needs of all the athletes."

Gymnastics at the Games
The artistic gymnastics medals at the Games will be decided over eight competition days, from 14 to 23 August: 98 men and 98 women athletes from some 35 countries will participate. The trampoline event will be held on 20 and 21 August: 16 men and 16 women athletes from about 20 countries will participate. Rhythmic gymnastics will be held from 26 to 29 August: 80 gymnasts from approximately 20 countries will participate. On 24 August, a gala will be held at the Olympic Indoor Hall, with the Olympic and World Gymnastics Champions participating.

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