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06 Sep 2004
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Another Olympiad on the museum’s columns

One reaches the Olympic Museum via a wide walkway flanked by six majestic columns in Thassos white marble, a gift from the Greek government when the Museum was built. They recall the peristyle of a Greek temple… perhaps that of Zeus in Olympia, where the Ancient Games took place 28 centuries ago.

Summer Games, Winter Games
The first two columns, facing the lake on each side of the esplanade, are engraved with the numbers, places and dates of the modern Olympic Games, since their restoration in 1896 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin. There is one column for the Winter Games and one for the Summer Games.

Five new names since the opening…
Since the Museum’s inauguration in 1993, a new name has been engraved on the immaculate marble for each edition of the Games. These names are Lillehammer for 1994, then Atlanta, Nagano, Sydney and Salt Lake City, for 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2002 respectively.

…and recently, a sixth name
28th – Athens – 2004; these are the words that the engraver has recently added to the column. He knows the IOC. He has often worked on commemorative plaques or decorations. What does this former judoka think of the Olympic Games? “They are a wonderful thing. I am 100% in favour. And it’s so great to see new countries taking part in every edition of the Games!”
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