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14 Jan 2010
Athlete Stories

Anna Heiramo

Snowboarding, Finland

Anna Heiramo of Finland was fifth in the World Championships and is in the top 10 world ranking for snowboarding (parallel slalom). Anna received her MSc in economics in 2005, having divided her time between university and her elite-level training regime. She was able to accomplish this with a strong, disciplined approach to time management, balancing her two ambitions, snowboarding and education.

When planning her career after sport, Anna decided to contact Adecco. "The Finnish Olympic Committee advised me to do that, saying this is the best support available. This was my first time tackling a CV and application form, so the IOC ACP helped me with that. They helped me recognise that the strength and experience I had gained through sport would be invaluable when applied to business life – a real revelation to me.“

Anna is now a recruitment consultant at Adecco Finland. "The IOC ACP boosted my self-confidence and provided technical advice. They told me how to market my strengths and showed me the future was full of possibilities."

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