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21 Mar 2005
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Animations: Keeping it short (6 and 10 April 2005)

- 1 theme

- 1 film: filmed, edited and delivered in just four days


Keeping it short: at the Olympic Museum on 6 and 10 April 2005   FREE ENTRY



Keeping it short

In the starting blocks, six teams – 1 from Quebec, 1 from Paris, 1 from the Ticino and 3 from Lausanne – are about to take up an audiovisual improvisation challenge. They have just four days to write, film, produce, edit and present a short film on the theme “Celebrate Humanity”. The aim is to put across simple but meaningful messages illustrating these teams’ vision of Olympism. They will take up this challenge in a spirit of friendly rivalry, not as a competition, the idea being to please the public and share a group dynamic.


Kinoists (the artists of the video and cinema world) have their own very apt motto:  “Do well with nothing, do better with little, and do it right now!”. This encounter at the Olympic Museum offers them an unusual setting to create a film on the spot, in a short space of time on a theme linked to sport.  This is a real instant cinema challenge, so the quality of the end result will depend on the creativity of those producing it, as well as the participants’ solidarity, listening to one another and sprit of cooperation. The exercise shows that, with limited means, a strict approach and wish to produce a work are the motivation for each participant.




Wednesday 6 April                        7-9 p.m.                Opening Ceremony

7 p.m.                        Court toujours, tu m’intéresses

                        (international programme of short films related to sport)


8 p.m.                        Aperitif


9 p.m.                        Presentation of participants and formation of teams




Sunday 10 April                                                   6-7 p.m.                                        Closing Ceremony
6 p.m.     Showing of the films produced by the teams
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