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13 Apr 2006
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Angel or Demon? The choice of fair play

A major temporary exhibition is opening today at the Olympic Museum, where it will remain on show until 5 November. Spread over two floors, its leitmotiv immediately greets visitors in the entrance hall, confronting them with the fragile balance within human relations and their areas of light and dark, angel or demon...
The leitmotiv
The guiding theme is the link between the elite athlete and the ordinary person, urges and self control, pleasure and frustration, humour and cynicism. This same leitmotiv links the different floors and exhibition rooms. Its material, form and meaning evolve throughout the exhibition journey.
A three-stage exhibition
The exhibition seeks to challenge the visitor, to make him think and arouse feelings and emotions. The ground floor is the thinking part of the exhibition, with free-will as the leitmotiv of this area. The visitor is called upon to choose the door he instinctively prefers. One is opaque, the other transparent. The perfect symmetry of the two spaces helps to create confusion. Separated by a two-way mirror, two quite distinct atmospheres confront each other and receive contradictory messages and documents. The ramp leading up to Level 1 acts a transition towards feeling.
Feelings and emotions on the first floor
The area begins with a tunnel. Inside, the images projected, stadium atmosphere and stress factors create an oppressive feeling. On emerging from the corridor, the tension is released and more information is offered. Further on, sound “stalactites” recount sporting anecdotes in which athletes have shown fair play. In short, an original and fascinating exhibition which invites its visitors to decide whether they are angels or demons.
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