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09 Jul 2013
IOC News

And the winner of the Olympic Day contest is…

You ran, you jumped, you swam, you climbed; over a thousand of you joined in our Olympic Day contest. After much consideration, it is time to reveal that the winner of a trip to Lausanne, Switzerland, next October, is 21 year-old Iuri Vinuto from Sao Paulo, Brazil!  

Cycling along the Brazilian coast with a group of friends on a bright and sunny day, Iuri captured his winning “active” moment on Sunday 23 June with his mobile phone. An aspiring triathlete, the young rider admitted having his sights set on competing in the next Olympic Summer Games in his home country in 2016. Training every day, the Brazilian winner runs on average 14 hours per week, cycles approximately 10 hours a week and swims every day in the hope of achieving his goal.

We were also delighted to discover that Iuri is a YOG athlete who took part in the first-ever Summer Youth Olympic Games in Singapore 2010. When asked about the YOG, the Brazilian triathlete exclaimed: “It was an amazing experience! I really feel it is helping me to prepare for my biggest dream, which is to participate in the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games and win a gold medal.”

Congratulations to Iuri and join us in wishing him all the best for his sporting future. Also, a big thank-you to all the YOG fans who were active both physically and on social media, sharing their sporting moments with us.

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