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02 Mar 2010
IOC News

And that's a wrap!

Monday morning on 1 March, and the streets of Vancouver seem comparatively quieter to the roaring cheers that rumbled through the city for the past 16 days.

Smirks sit on the faces of the few emerging people downtown, the Games may be over but the glory lives on.

I was one of those smirkers. The relatively Olympic-naive journalist who came into these Games is now leaving as a YOG reporting veteran, if I do say so myself.

Reporting on the Games was a rapid whirlwind of multiple interviews after multiple events, and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for it.

I had the opportunity to meet and interview people who had forced their own fate as they fought for their goals and lived out their dreams.

I grew as a sports reporter, I grew as a journalist and I grew as a person.

To the young reporters who will be reporting during the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, be relentless, be persistent and be confident. Be relaxed with your interviewees and take every single opportunity you can to learn from your peers.

To the young athletes getting ready for Singapore, remember to find that balance. Every single athlete I spoke to in Vancouver said to have fun, but I know you're all also getting ready to be fierce competitors.

Find the balance, enjoy your Games and remember to savour and enjoy every moment —  I know I did. 

By Kimiya Shokoohi, YOG reporter.


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