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06 Dec 2005
IOC News

An Olympic champion at the Museum

After meeting IOC President Jacques Rogge at the IOC headquarters in Vidy, Stefka Kostadinova, the new President of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, visited the Olympic Museum.
Un unbeaten record
Arriving in front of the Museum entrance, Stefka Kostadinova could see the exact replica (fibre glass uprights and bar) of her two high jump records: 2.09m at the world championships and 2.05m at the Olympic Games. And her world record still stands today. The former athlete was moved and proud to learn that many visitors have their photograph taken with their arms raised towards her incredible 2.09m record. In the philatelic area, she was surprised to discover a block of four stamps with her picture on them, which Bulgaria issued for the 1996 Games in Atlanta.
Seoul, Barcelona and Atlanta
Stefka Kostadinova competed at three editions of the Olympic Games, winning two medals. In 1988 in Seoul, she won the silver medal, with a jump of 2.01m. Four years later in Barcelona, she finished fourth. Her revenge came in 1996 in Atlanta, with a gold medal-winning jump of 2.05m. Now aged 40, she is the first woman President of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee.
Two silver medals for Vessela
The new President was accompanied by a fellow Olympic athlete: Vessela Nicolaeva Letcheva, shooting silver medallist in Seoul (50m rifle), then in Barcelona (10m rifle). She is today President of the National Agency for Youth and Sport.
 Welcome to the Museum
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