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20 Sep 2007
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All about sailing…

In this year of the America’s Cup and the centenary of the ISAF (International Sailing Federation), the Olympic Museum retraces, in its two exhibition zones, the history of sailing through a vast and rich presentation of models, navigation instruments, documentaries and photographs.
Six thousand years of navigation
Appearing some six thousand years ago, sailing has evolved with techniques and materials in order to adapt to the whims of the wind. Navigation using sails played a decisive role in the discovery of the world and of civilisations. Each era, every culture has sailed, transported, traded, fished, pirated and raced in sailing boats.
Sailing – yesterday and today
The Olympic Museum revisits this timelessness through an historical journey which underlines its impact on human organisation. The second part of the exhibition is devoted to sailing as a recreational and competitive sports activity, exploring notably the technological changes that leisure sailing has undergone since the 17th century.
The Alinghi era
On Level 1, we step into the 20th century, with sails from around the world, leisure sailing, the creation of the ISAF in 1907, and the first Games of the modern era where sailing appeared in 1900. And, in the last zone, the Olympic Museum called upon the EPFL, a partner of Alinghi, the winner of the America’s Cup in 2003 and 2007. Because, today, it is state-of-the-art technology that makes a boat a winning boat!

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