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12 Jul 2011

Ain’t no mountain high enough!

Olympic Day was celebrated in all corners of the globe, and even at the top of a mountain! This week news came into the YOG office that young Swiss mountaineers, Friederike von Boehn and Julie Costa, celebrated this global sporting day by hiking up to the “top of Europe” - otherwise known as Mont Blanc!

Their mission to conquer one of the world’s most famous mountains was part of a school project for the 17-year-old adventurers. They have been working weekends and organising fundraising events to raise money for essential equipment and a mountain guide to lead them to the top of the French mountain.

In true Olympic spirit, both girls kept each other going in the tough conditions, right until the very summit.

Friederike said, “Climbing Mont Blanc was an exceptional experience. While there were many situations when I felt the adrenaline pumping, I just felt the strong determination to accomplish our project.”

Julie expressed her feelings on reaching the top, “I was so relieved when we finally made the top. It really was a mix of strong emotions - satisfaction and relief at the same time.”

This was their first major high-mountain tour and they conquered it in style… with their Youth Olympic Games woolly hats to keep them warm! There’s no doubt about it, these girls have YOG-DNA!

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