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07 Feb 2000
IOC News , Press Release


Sarajevo, 7th February 2000 - Media statement issued after IOC/NOC Bosnia and Herzegovina meeting in Sarajevo, 3rd-4th February 2000.

«Within the process of the Conference on Sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina several meetings were held in Sarajevo under the IOC coordination involving all the concerned parties. These meetings took place after intense mediation process led by NOC of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The launching of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Potential Olympic Team, formed with athletes from all the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and supported with a special financial and technical assistance of the IOC, has been decided and will be implemented.

This global process received today the formal signed support of the 3 representatives of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency.

The selected 19 athletes have now the chance to qualify for Sydney through international sport standards.

The presentation of the team will symbolicaly occur in Zetra on a date to be confirmed in a near future.

At the same time, all the parties involved in the reconstruction of Zetra, including the City of Barcelona, had the opportunity to review the 6 months development of the use of Zetra after the handover of the facility to the Canton of Sarajevo.

The IOC wants to express its satisfaction with the successful result of the works so far, commending the efforts invested by the NOC of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more assured now of the final success of the global process.

Convinced that all the athletes of Bosnia and Herzegovina share the same spirit, we invite all the sports organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina to follow the work of the Conference on Sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that will meet soon.»
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