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22 Sep 2009
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Agora, meeting champions at The Olympic Museum



Be they world champions in snowboarding, unicycling or Scrabble; hockey or tennis champions, they do their utmost to win.


But at the end of the day, why? For fleeting fame, the prospect of making money, the desire to excel or the will to win? In individual or team sports, well-known or unexpected disciplines, their commitment is astonishing. Jealous or jeering, other young people of the same age are swift to criticise.


This AGORA gives everyone the chance to put their point of view and explain the reasons – but also the cost – behind their passion.


Discussions, of course, but also demonstrations with our guests:


-Bastien Chesaux, 250cc motorbike Grand Prix competitor (17)

-Aurélien Ducroz, snowboard freestyle world champion (26)

-Valentin Betschart,  ZSC Lions Zurich Junior B élite (17)

-Tess Sugnaux, Swiss junior tennis champion (14)

-Gilles Saudan and David Maillard, unicycle world champions (20 and 21)

-Hugo Delafontaine, Scrabble world champion (20)

-Gilles Guenat, tap dancing world champion (21)

-Charlotte Gabris, comedian, winner of several competitions (22)

-Emi Vauthey, dancer, student at école-atelier Rudra Béjart (17)



With Jean-Philippe Rapp in the chair, three personalities will be there to discuss, ask questions on and share their experiences:


-Alexandre Ahr, lawyer and sports manager

-Cyril Néri, winner of the Verbier Xtrème

-Georges-André Carrel, Director of the UNIL Sports Department


Subject to modification.


Limited number of places. This Agora will take place in the marquee on the terrace of The Olympic Museum.

Reservation obligatory before 18 September 2009.

by e-mail: or telephone: 021 621 65 11.

No confirmation will be sent.

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