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14 Sep 2009
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Agora: I’m young and already a champion. So what?

Special guests:
-          Bastien Chesaux, 250cc motorbike Grand Prix competitor (17)
-          Aurélien Ducroz, snowboard freestyle world champion (26)
-          Valentin Betschart, ZSC Lions Zurich Junior B élite (17)
-          Tess Sugnaux, Swiss junior tennis champion (14)
-          Gilles Saudan & David Maillard, unicycle world champions (20 and 21)
-          Hugo Delafontaine, Scrabble world champion (20)
-          Gilles Guenat, tap dancing world champion (21)
-          Charlotte Gabris, comedian, winner of several competitions (22)
With Jean-Philippe Rapp in the chair, three personalities will be there to discuss, ask questions on and share their experiences:
-          Alexandre Ahr, lawyer and sports manager
-          Cyril Néri, winner of the Verbier Xtrème
-          Georges-André Carrel, Director of the UNIL Sports Department
Limited number of places. Reservations required at: or by telephoning 021 621 65 11 until 18 September.
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