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18 Jan 2007
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Agora: “Between dream and risk: the extreme”

Between taking risks and total pleasure, extreme sports fascinate and make us question ourselves. For one evening, great freeriders, producers and specialists will share with us their world of passion, adrenaline rushes, dreams, values, and also risks. One is not born an extreme sportsman or woman; one becomes one through hard work, experience and perseverance. Through their accounts and films, our guests will take you to a fascinating dimension with its own codes and philosophy.
With the participation of Nicolas Hale-Woods, the President of the Organisation Committee of the Extrême de Verbier; brothers Nicolas and Loris Falquet, skiers, freeriders and producers; snowboarder Géraldine Fasnacht, winner of the 2002 Extrême de Verbier and basejumper; snowboarder Cyril Neri, twice winner of the Extrême de Verbier; Jean-Yves Michelod, mountain guide, skier and winner of the 2004 Extrême de Verbier, and seriously injured in 2006; snowboarder Ruth Leisbach, winner of the 2006 Extrême de Verbier; and Grégoire Zen Ruffinen, emergency doctor from REGA Airglacier.
This Agora is being organised in the framework of the exhibition The Mind makes a Champion.

You have until 22 January, at the latest, to sign up:

Tuesday 30 January at 6.30 p.m.
Olympic Museum Auditorium
Presentation: Jean-Philippe Rapp

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