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19 Aug 2010

African adventure awaits in the Youth Olympic Village

After giving athletes a taste of Europe, the Youth Olympic Village took on an African flavour for the second exhibition in the World Culture Village.

Boasting 53 cultural displays, representing each of the participating African National Olympic Committees, the World Culture Village is an integral part of the Culture and Education Programme at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

Athletes have been enjoying the chance to experience traditional games and activities while learning more about each country in the process. The Zimbabwean booth, in particular, has proven popular with athletes – offering them the chance to try their hand at traditional drumming.

"It's become a great mix of fusion rhythm," said Randell Siow, a teacher from Victoria School in Singapore, whose pupils are hosting the Zimbabwe booth after working hard to research the country's culture. "We wanted a place where someone, from any country, could just walk up and take part with us. This has been perfect. We do some basic African beats and the athletes add their own vibe."

Serbian rower Jovana Arsic was one of those trying out the drums, despite never having played before. After a quick lesson from Siow and his pupils, however, she was soon playing in time with the beat.

"I've never played a hand drum like that before," said the 17-year-old. "It is a really good activity."

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