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04 May 2006
IOC News

A young man of 97

Last Tuesday, Hans Erni, the celebrated Swiss designer, painter and sculptor, was the guest of the Agora at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Alongside him were friends such as Juan Antonio Samaranch, IOC Honorary President; Léonard Gianadda, President of the Pierre Gianadda Foundation; Jean-Charles Giroud, Deputy Director of the Geneva Public and University Library; and, of course, journalist Jean-Philippe Rapp, the presenter for the evening.
Passion is life!
An overwhelming passion characterises this man who, for almost a century, has been seizing life with both hands, asking questions daily about the future of the human race, seeking through his work to sound the alarm about the dangers we face, for example from the atom bomb or global warming. “I strive to warn people who are in the process of destroying humanity”, he says. “We must at all costs defend the beauty and richness of our planet.”
Art and sport
Juan Antonio Samaranch has known the artist for more than 25 years, from he had just been elected IOC President. Shortly after, he commissioned the large fresco  which graces the wall of one of the meeting rooms at the IOC headquarters in Vidy. It represents all the summer sports. Other originals hang in the entrance hall. For the IOC Honorary President, Hans Erni is the person who has done the most for sport and who has best represented it.
Rendezvous in 2009!
For his part, Léonard Gianadda has already scheduled a meeting with the artist in 2009 for a major exhibition at the Gianadda Foundation to mark Hans Erni’s 100th birthday. Don’t miss it!
 Welcome to the Museum
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