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25 Nov 2014
YOG , Nanjing 2014 , IOC News

A YOG day with Olympic champion Chad le Clos

The life of an Olympian is a non-stop whirlwind of competing, training and sponsor and social engagements, so the YOG athletes at Nanjing 2014 were pretty lucky to have YOG graduate turned Olympic champion, South African swimmer Chad le Clos spend the day with them. 

Despite the jetlag, Chad was ever the professional, putting lack of sleep to one side and eager to fulfil his duties as a YOG Ambassador and inspire the next generation of athletes as this video shows. From swimming workshops in the pool, practising the martial art of wushu at the Sports Lab, to holding motivational talks with athletes, taking countless selfies with fans, and meeting the IOC President!

“Believe in yourselves when others are doubtful. Dream big!”  This was the message that the YOG Ambassador wrote on the Athletes’ Pledge Wall during his visit to the Learn and Share booth in the Youth Olympic Village, words that will hopefully inspire young athletes to aim high, enjoy sport and become true ambassadors just like Chad. 

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