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07 Aug 2004
IOC News

A very productive first day for the EB

Today the IOC EB took few more decisions mainly based on recommendations by the Ethics Commission and the Olympic Programme Commission.

Jerome Young
The IOC has confirmed that it must await for the IAAF decision regarding Jerome Young to be final and enforceable before it can take its own decision with regards to the redistribution of the medals.

The Olympic Charter should be respected
Concerning the case FIVB/Dr Rubén Acosta Hernández, the EB restated that the Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Charter should be respected, particularly with regard to the use made of Olympic resources. The EB accepted the recommendation to ensure that the funds which the IOC allocates to all the organisations within the Olympic Movement are used only for sport.

Appeal by the Romanian Athletic Federation rejected
The NOCs having the exclusive powers for the representation of their respective countries at the Olympic Games, the EB rejected the appeal filed by the Romanian Athletic Federation to allow the registration of three athletes Mihaela Melinte, Claudia Iovan and Ana Mirele Termure for competing in the 2004 Games. The IOC EB ruled in favour of the Romanian NOC stating also that the NOC's policy of not selecting the athletes who have tested positive in their careers, deserves support, as it is in line with the fight against doping.

Final list of criteria approved
The EB decided to accept the final list of criteria which will be used to assess Olympic programme after the Athens Games. The list, which has been finalized in full consultation with the NOCs and the IFs, will now go to the 116th Session for final decision.
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