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04 May 2007
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A TV spot on the Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne has just produced a generic spot, which is being shown from now until the end of May on the three Swiss national TV channels. The aim is to present the Olympic Museum in an original way, reflecting the “Magic of the Games” with which it is so often associated.
For a family audience
Firstly, a survey was made to find out what type of audience the spot would be aimed at. It showed that the most of the Museum’s visitors were families, in the broadest sense of the term (parents, children, friends, schools and sports clubs). Once the target audience had been established, the Museum’s Communications Section tried to find a film-maker with the skills to recreate the atmosphere it wished to portray, notably using special effects based on mythology, the Ancient Games, the imagination and the fantasy world.
Amateurs and actors
Once the film-maker had been chosen, actors were hired. The children who appear at the beginning of the story are amateurs, from a local school, but the two protagonists, the child who is the hero of the story and the person incarnating Zeus, the god of Olympus to whom the Ancient Games were consecrated, are old-hands at the game. The young boy had already worked on voice-overs, but this was his first film role. The person playing Zeus was well-known Swiss actor Jacques Michel, who has acted in numerous TV and cinema films. He is also a theatre actor.  
A symbolic torch
The film was shot in mid-December. The weather was very cold, especially when the lighting of the cauldron was shot, at night and outside. To avoid using a torch from the Olympic Games, and thus having to decide which one, the Museum’s technical team had the original idea of bringing out the torch used by Katarina Witt to light the cauldron on the day the Museum was inaugurated, 23 June 1993. What a symbolic gesture!

  See the TV spot on the Olympic Museum (Windows media, 0:40)
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