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16 May 2006
Olympic News

A symbol of the Olympic Truce in the Museum park

The Olympic Museum park has a new sculpture that symbolises the Olympic Truce. It takes the form of a green, sheen bronze pillar, decorated with the Olympic rings and the Truce symbol (a stylised dove holding an olive branch in its beak). The monument was officially unveiled by Jacques Rogge, IOC President and President of the International Foundation for the Olympic Truce (FITO), and by the two Vice-Presidents of FITO,  George Papandreou and Fany Palli-Petralia.
Presentation to the United Nations
The work was originally commissioned to Spanish artist Rosa Serra by the American philanthropist, Irwin Belk. The patron then gave it to FITO on the occasion of the second meeting of the Foundation in New York that took place at the UN headquarters in May 2001, attended by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.
FITO at the UN
This was the first time that a body of the Olympic Movement had held a meeting in these confines, where the fate of humanity is determined every day of the year. The United Nations General Assembly, which has 189 member states, sits from September to December each year to address all the subjects as a commission or as a plenary session. It is in this way that the General Assembly examines, every two years, the IOC’s draft resolution on the Olympic Truce, submitted through the host country of the Olympic Games.
A patron of sport and Olympism

Irwin Belk is passionate about sport and Olympism. A retired businessman from South Carolina, he was a member of the US National Olympic Committee for more than 30 years, and continues to work promoting sport. In 2002, he was awarded the Olympic Order. As for Rosa Serra, one of Spain’s most talented artists, it is impossible to count how many works she has devoted to sport. It is impossible to forget the “Olympic Suite”, a collection of 22 sculptures that were exhibited at the provisional Olympic Museum in 1987, and now belong to the IOC.

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