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04 Feb 2010
IOC News , Athletes' space

A Special Section for Athletes on

If you are an athlete and you are looking for solutions to successfully combine your education, training, competitions and daily life, go to, the new section of the web site being launched today by the IOC.

Information and tips

The section contains general information on the Athlete Career Programme, practical information, dozens of videos of athletes, various hints and tips, news and a glossary, not forgetting en electronic planning tool by day/month/year, a quiz and an interactive section. There is also a questionnaire whereby each athlete can identify the various challenges to be faced during their sports career in order to consider their post-athletic transition at their own pace. “Just as a sports project is built day after day, a life project should be established as early as possible,” says Frank Fredericks, Chairman of the IOC Athletes’ Commission and four-time Olympic silver medallist.

A made-to-measure programme

For some years now, the IOC has been running the “Athlete Career Programme”, in close cooperation with the Adecco  company. Today, over 5,000 athletes from all five continents have benefited from this Programme, which focuses on three fields: education, life skills and employment. It was devised on the basis of advice from elite athletes, coaches, leaders and officials of the National Olympic Committees and experts from around the world.

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