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18 Sep 2003
Olympic News

A seahorse named Proteas

A seahorse named after an ancient deity of the sea, Proteas, was unveiled on Wednesday 17 September as the mascot of the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens. Proteas joins the two mascots of the Olympic Games, Phevos and Athena.

Strategic choice
"Our strategic choice was for the mascot of the Paralympic Games to express a uniform visual identity, portraying the equality with which Athens 2004 deals with both events- the Olympics and the Paralympics", the President of the Organising Committee, ATHOC 2004, Gianna Angelopoulos Daskalaki stressed at the ceremony during which she unveiled the new mascot with the President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Phil Craven.

Four values
"That is why we turned to Mr Spyros Goggos, the creator of Phevos and Athena, a man familiar with the Athens 2004 visual identity, to create the mascot, which would express the four values of the Athens Paralympic Games: strength, pursuit, inspiration and celebration. The name Proteas contains the meaning of being the first: the ultimate aim of the Paralympic Games."

Medal in Braille
On the same occasion, exactly one year before the Opening Ceremony, the medal for the Paralympic Games was presented. The design of the medal depicts on the obverse the emblem, the city and year, with the words "12th Paralympic Games Athens 2004" in Greek and Braille. The Acropolis is depicted on the reverse of the medal in an artistic engraving.

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