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28 Aug 2004
IOC News

A rich harvest for the Museum in Athens!

Great success has been achieved by the Olympic Museum’s museology section at the Athens Games: athletes, coaches and officials have donated more than 80 objects that will be used by the Museum in the framework of its permanent, temporary or mobile exhibitions. “The result has been much better than expected” said Frédérique Jamolli, Head of the Museology Section, “and we are still expecting more donations, thanks to the numerous contacts we made with the athletes in Athens, as well as with the equipment providers.” Our experience at previous editions of the Olympic Games has shown us that many donations are made after the event.

Equipment, medals, stamps, books… and a chef’s uniform!
The Museum is particularly thrilled by the diversity of the objects it has gathered. Sports equipment, medals, stamps, books and even a chef’s uniform and the helmet belonging to a member of the Greek security team have all been gathered in this great harvest. The Museum’s objective has thus been attained twofold. “We have prestigious objects, as well as objects that show the hidden aspects of the Games, which are often linked to people who are touching, or emotions or anecdotes” Jamolli added.

Extremely generous medal-winners
The medallists in Athens have been especially generous. Thus, the Museum can now exhibit an object signed by the Olympic triathlon champion, New Zealand’s Hamish Carter. The bodysuit belonging to Turkey’s Sagir Taner, weightlifting gold medallist, and T-shirts belonging to the South African team who won the 4 x 100m swimming relay will also become part of the heritage in Lausanne. “Thank you to everybody”, said Jamolli, obviously touched by the great generosity of all these donors.

Japanese group donation
The Japanese athletes made a valuable group donation. A helmet signed by the Olympic vice-champions of the men’s team sprint (cycling), Fushimi, Inoue and Nagatsuka, is the starring Japanese gift. They also donated the bow and arrow used by the Olympic archery vice-champion, Hiroshi Yamamoto. “As we have numerous Asian visitors to our Museum in Lausanne, we are very happy to exhibit these donations. They will definitely have a great impact”, said Jamolli.

“The Museum collects, today, historic objects for the future.” explains the Head of Museology, concerning the mission of her institution. The objects can also be used in educational programmes, as well as for activities involving education through sport: educational workshops, pedagogical files, discovery files on sport, etc…

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