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23 Feb 2006
IOC News

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

For the fifth consecutive edition of the Olympic Games, IOC worldwide sponsor Kodak is allowing Olympic fans around the world to experience the highlights of the Games.  Each day, the Kodak “Picture of the Day” team chooses an image that relates a strong, powerful or passionate moment or event of the day at the Olympic Games in Turin.
Expressing Emotional Moments
The aim is to promote unique, attention-drawing and compelling imagery of the Olympic Games. The slant of the Kodak imagery leans towards expressing emotional moments of the Olympic Games and less “finish-line” photography which communicates the sporting results.
Jumbotron in Times Square
The selected Picture of the Day is displayed on a Jumbotron (giant screen) in Times Square in New York City and is also posted on the Kodak and IOC websites. Large prints (28 x 43 cm) of the shot are distributed to the general public as souvenirs in the five Kodak retail stores around the city of Turin. Some 150 copies are also given to the volunteers in the media centre – names are drawn from a hat each evening to determine who will take the mini-posters home.
Photo Selection
Shots are submitted for selection as “Picture of the Day” to the Kodak team by their own photographers as well as by photographers from Getty images. All Olympic Games-accredited photographers can also submit proposals for consideration to an e-mail address set up for that purpose. 
Commemorative Book
Following the Games, the 17 photos will be compiled in a commemorative souvenir book.
 Discover "Kodak Photo of the Day"
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