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23 Nov 2007
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A New Chinese Brick in the Donors’ Wall

Third Chinese Brick in the Donors’ Wall
Yesterday, Thursday 22 November, a new brick was unveiled in the Olympic Museum Donors’ Wall. After Sinopec at the beginning of the year, and Baosteel in June, it was the turn of Aigo to write its name in gold on the prestigious wall. Like the others, the brick represents the sum of one million dollars.
Large Aigo Delegation
The ceremony was held in the presence of IOC President Jacques Rogge; IOC Honorary President Juan Antonio Samaranch; Aigo CEO Jun Feng; the Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland, Bangzao Zhu; Olympic Museum Director Francis Gabet; and a large delegation from the donor company. “Without the generosity of sponsors like Aigo,” underlined the IOC President, “the Olympic Museum could not be what it is today”.
Aifly, Inventor of the WonderPen
Aigo is a subsidiary of the Chinese company Beijing Huaqi, a leader in the market of MP3 players and digital products in China. Last August in Beijing, during the “One Year to Go” festivities, Jacques Rogge had a meeting with Jun Feng, CEO of Aigo and Aifly, to discuss issues linked to the technical preparations for the Olympic Games. Jun Feng then presented him with a brand new WonderPen. On contact with specially printed images and text, this magic pen is capable of displaying explanations in eight different languages. The invention can be used as a tour guide in a museum or to help Chinese volunteers with learning English. Following this meeting, Aigo decided to lend its support to the Olympic Museum.
Aifly a Provider for the Beijing Games
Aifly, a subsidiary of Aigo, is an official service provider for the Games, offering language courses to the some 150,000 volunteers of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, which will be held in Beijing next August.
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