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11 Jul 2006
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A foretaste of Athletissima at the Olympic Museum

With two days to go before Lausanne’s athletics meeting, the Athletissima Organising Committee held a Mini-Stars Relay at the Olympic Park for French-speaking Switzerland’s rising “stars” of athletics. To fully enjoy the final of the Wimbledon tennis tournament and the Football World Cup, the Olympic Museum showed these two events on its giant screen, accompanied by activities, music and a barbecue.
Atmosphere guaranteed!
The afternoon started with the relay, which was run by two people per team, a boy and a girl. The participants were between 10 and 15 years old, and most of them ran the distance between the fountain and the forecourt (340 metres and a steep slope) in less than one minute. The future looks good for Swiss athletics! While this was taking place, numerous tennis fans were in the auditorium watching the brilliant match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.
Komball on the crest of the wave
In honour of the World Cup final, the spectators gathered on the forecourt were given a breathtaking demonstration of freestyle football. Created to help young players to develop their football creativity and technique, Komball has become, in only a few years, a real sporting phenomenon and an essential practice for football players. The Swiss group who showed their skills yesterday on the Museum forecourt have a DVD that is currently selling like hot cakes in France.
Jazz, barbecue, beer and football
A jazz band, grilled sausages and beer helped the football fans to wait until 8 p.m. for the start of the Football World Cup final, shown on the giant screen. There were supporters of both teams in the crowd, but most were simply fans of the Beautiful Game.
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