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13 Apr 2010
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A family donation, or three generations of Olympians

Sometimes, it runs in the family to be a farmer or a baker, but being a third-generation Olympian is something else altogether!

But this is the case in the Wright family, a Canadian clan whose last three generations have been great sports fans. And not only fans, as the grandfather, both parents and the son have all represented Canada at the Olympic Games. Between them, they have participated in five editions of the Olympic Games: 1932, 1964, 1972, 1976 and 2008. Seventy-six years apart, but the same enthusiasm remains!

Keep it in the family…

In 1932, in Los Angeles, Harold Wright competed in the 4x100m, almost standing on the podium, with a respectable fourth place. His son Lee opted for hockey, participating in the Tokyo Games in 1964 and Montreal Games in 1976. Thelma, Lee’s wife, ran the 1,500m at the Munich Games (1972) and Montreal Games (1976). She came fifth and eighth respectively. As for the couple’s two sons, Anthony and Philip, they participated in the hockey competition at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing, where the Canadian team finished 10th.

A group donation to The Olympic Museum

Last Thursday, Anthony Wright made a donation to The Olympic Museum on behalf of the whole family: photos, press clippings and various documents from “Grandpa” and his parents, as well as the full kit that his brother and he wore in Beijing.

When you ask him if he knows of any other families like his, where being an Olympian runs in the family, he answers: “Yes, there’s one, in any case. They are Germans, the Kellers, if I remember correctly, and they are hockey players. The father was at the Games at the same time as my father, and Philip and I were in Beijing with the son.”

The Keller saga

Ervin Keller (1905-1971) was a German field hockey player. In 1936 he won the silver medal at the Berlin Olympic Games. His son, Carsten (1939-), who was also a hockey player, took part in three Games and won the gold medal at the Summer Games in 1972 in Munich with the German team. Three of Carsten’s children played hockey at international level, and all competed at the Olympic Games. In 2008 in Beijing, Florian (1981-) took the gold medal for Germany.

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