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17 Jun 2009
Olympic Congress 2009

A day for everyone


Today, on the occasion of Olympic Day, which is celebrated all over the world, IOC President Rogge addressed the Olympic family and all friends of sport with a vibrant message: “It is simply a day to celebrate a dream that began with young men and women who wanted the world to have an opportunity to unite in peace and to compete in friendship. It is a day for everyone – regardless of ability – to take the opportunity to play sport, to run or to exercise.


It is a day to reflect on the meaning of the Olympic Games – that while we should always try our very best, it is not whether you win or lose that matters, it is how you play the game.” Rogge then concluded: “Everyone wins when we treat others with dignity and respect. True sportsmanship is something we can all achieve, even if we cannot all be an Olympian. I hope today you have the chance to learn about the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. Thank you, and have a great Olympic Day!”


Watch the video for the full speech.


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