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19 Nov 2010
IOC News , Culture and Olympic Education

7th World Conference on Sport, Education and Culture - Call for Contributions

The IOC is launching a “Call for Contributions” to the 7th World Conference on Sport, Education and Culture to be held in Durban, South Africa. This marks an opportunity to submit work that addresses one of the conference themes. Country reports, working project-based initiatives and reflection pieces (e.g. open-ended essays) in the thematic areas would also be welcome (see General Conditions, Section 5 for further details). It should be noted that registration and/or attendance to the conference are not a pre-requisite for submissions and/or selection.  Every author may only present one contribution.

The objective of this call for contributions is to extend the scope and depth of the conference. This can be achieved by creating an opportunity for dialogue, generating an “ideas” pool, and ultimately mainstreaming the concepts and experiences.
Submissions selected through the Conference Selection Committee will be published by the IOC.
Criteria for selection will be based on:

1. Originality and innovative approach of work
2. Impact/importance of the work in regard to the issue addressed and relevance to the conference platform
3. Quality and clarity of written content

Please click here to download the General Conditions for submission of contribution.
Please click here to go to the Submission Form.
Please click here and here to view a model(s) for contribution.

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