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20 Jun 2003
IOC News , Press Release

5th Coordination Commission Meeting Ends With Members Optimistic And Strongly Encouraged

A two-day meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission for the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin in 2006, ended in the Italian city today with the members "strongly encouraged" by the state of preparations.

The 13-person strong Commission, led by Chairman Jean-Claude Killy, spent two days meeting with the Turin Organising Committee (TOROC) and officials representing the City of Turin and the surrounding Piedmont province.  As well as visiting venues in the city of Turin and the mountain regions, Commission members met to discuss a wide range of issues concerning the preparations of the Winter Games; namely, accommodation, venue construction, sports, International Federation services, city operations, National Olympic Committee Services, Olympic Villages, communication, ticketing, medical services, technology, financial services, procurement, logistics and Games work force.  The Commission noted encouraging progress across the board, specifically highlighting the improved working relations between the various bodies as an area of satisfaction.  As mentioned in the past, concern was voiced on the enormity of the task at hand regarding the number of venue and road constructions to be completed in parallel over the coming 15 to 18 months.

Reflecting on the meeting at the closing press conference, Killy said, "Our overriding feeling after our two days here is one of being optimistic and strongly encouraged by the progress.  The working atmosphere has been excellent.  We are delighted to see that since IOC President Jacques Rogge and I met the highest authority of the country in February, clear steps forward have been made in the five areas we highlighted at the time as needing additional support; namely, the need to improve the synergy between the Turin Organising Committee and the Agenzia Torino 2006 (the public agency in charge of construction), the need to bring in the support of state companies for TOROC, to help promote the Olympic Games throughout Italy, and to maximise support for the Italian Olympic team. Organising Olympic Games is not an easy task. The two biggest challenges that will face the organisers in the short to medium term are those of meeting the venue and road construction deadlines of projects that need to be run simultaneously in a given time frame, and meeting the financial targets to fund preparations.  The Commission is fully confident that the organisers will be able to rise to these challenges."

TOROC President Valentino Castellani added, "The two days working with the IOC Coordination Commission have been very constructive.  We have certainly reached an improved level of working practices in all areas of our preparations.  Many challenges lie ahead of us, but, just as we have done so far, we will continue to meet them and thereby ensure that, in just over two years' time, the Games of Turin 2006 will be successful Games that showcase the passion and spirit of our city and country."

The next Coordination Commission meeting will take place in January 2004.

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